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Cleaning up Wimbledon Chase

by Dundonald Lib Dems on 11 October, 2016

Wimbledon Chase feels a bit like a forgotten part of the borough when it comes to being kept clean and tidy. We’ve been working to sort that out!

The Bird Muck of Wimbledon Chase Bridge

Many of you will remember the lengths the Lib Dem team and residents had to go to in order to get the railway bridge repainted.

Since then we have been hassling Merton Council about the state of the pavement under the bridge – as the pigeon-proofing wasn’t properly refitted. After months of nagging, the Council has:

  • Got an agreement from Network Rail that the right bird-proofing will be fitted under the bridge by next May;
  • In the interim, agreed to clean the pavements under the bridge every week (and we’re keeping our eye on whether they’re actually doing it).

New trees

Earlier in the year we worked with local people and the Merton Council street trees team to get new trees planted along Kingston and Bushey Roads near Oxford/Chase Side Avenues.

Station littering

We’ve argued that the recycling bins on the pavement near the station don’t seem to get emptied often enough, and attract flytipping, especially at the weekend. There are also no general litter bins near the station.

After lobbying the Council, we have been told:

Where possible it is preferred to limit the number of litter bins  in order to minimise street clutter. However, we do recognise that areas with high footfall outside of town centres, may experience high levels of litter. We have added this area as a hot spot to the Saturday response team day service and the Sunday response team for litter bin emptying and cleaning. It has also been added as specific monitoring for the duty Supervisor for both Saturday and Sunday. The evening teams have been tasked to ensure that the recycling bins are emptied during the week. We will monitor the situation over the next few weeks.



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  1. […] During 2015/2016 we constantly hassled Merton Council about the state of the pavement under the bridge – as the pigeon-proofing wasn’t properly refitted after the repaint. In October last year, the Council eventually: […]

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