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Comments submitted in relation to planning application on former Manuplastics site

by Dundonald Lib Dems on 6 September, 2017

Comments submitted to Merton Council planning department by Dundonald Liberal Democrats.

Dear Mr Vale

Re Planning application 17/P2529, 579-589 Kingston Road Raynes Park London, SW20 8SD

I am writing on behalf of Dundonald Ward Liberal Democrats in connection with the above Planning Application.

We have a number of concerns about the application which should be addressed before any approval is given.

Affordable Housing

Merton Council’s figures show that it is failing grievously to meet its own target of 40% affordable housing new developments. Approving a development of 103 flats without any affordable housing would simply make a mockery of the policy. The developer will no doubt produce a ‘viability’ study to claim that they cannot afford to build affordable housing : if so, Merton Council should release that study for public scrutiny, as there is a plain public interest in doing so. The complex chain of ownership of the land makes it even more important to ensure that the viability study is properly scrutinised -which can only be done by the public.


34 Parking Spaces for a development of 103 Flats and 16 offices is absurd. Whatever restriction are put on renters there will inevitably be pressure on local parking with such a tiny number of spaces. It will also put pressure on Kingston Road parking, which in turn impedes the cycle lane on Kingston Road

Housing Types

The proposal is for 2 studio flats, 29 1-bedroom flats and 72 2-bedroom flats. We have a huge demand for family housing in Merton and this substantially fails to meet it. It does not cater for families with 2 older children of different sexes and we believe that a significant number of the flats should have 3 bedrooms

Public Consultation

No community consultation sessions have been held to review the new plans as the developers do not feel that they are needed. We disagree and believe that the Community should have the opportunity to be consulted by the developers.


We support the recommendations of the Metropolitan Police in their letter of 22.8.2017 for certain changes which would help to reduce and believe that the plan should only be approved on the basis that these are incorporated.

Simon McGrath
On behalf of Dundonald Lib Dems

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