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Abbott Avenue/Raynes Park flooding – Thames Water

by Dundonald Lib Dems on 14 June, 2018

Over the last two or three years, Abbott Avenue residents have seen sewerage on their street following heavy rain. Following recent downpours, residents’ complaints led to calls for action on the part of Thames Water.

Thames were invited to attend the Raynes Park Community Forum on 14 June, and this is a brief note of that meeting. At the request of residents, Cllr Anthony Fairclough submitted a series of questions to Thames in advance of the meeting for them to cover in their presentation.

Why is it flooding?

The representative from Thames explained that they have eventually determined that the flooding is caused by

  • Surface water runoff getting into the foul sewer system.
  • The pumping station at Abbott Avenue becoming overloaded by heavy rain.
  • The foul sewer on Abbott Avenue being slow to flow away, owing to its gradient.

Do nearby large developments have an impact?

Thames confirmed that neither the former Manuplastics site or the Bowling Club development will impact heavily on the flow into the foul sewer (and the Manuplastics site development may even improve surface water drainage).

What action are Thames Water taking?

They are examining the sewer network further upstream (Ridgway, Worple Road) to try to find where the surface water may be entering the foul sewer system. They are working with Merton to do this (as Merton is responsible for elements of the surface water system). Thames confirmed that blocked surface water drains and gulleys could add to the problem, from the point of view of localised flooding, and so residents should make sure to complain about blocked drains.

They’ve improved the functioning of the pumping station at Abbott Avenue, and have carried out various cleans, and surveillance sweeps of the sewer network on Abbott Avenue and surrounding areas.

What happens if it floods again?

Residents asked Thames to confirm plans were in place to stop it flooding again, and about clean up times. People also asked about ways to mitigate the risks or damage, and to protect their properties. Thames raised various options, including priority ways to report flooding.

Cllr Fairclough has asked Thames Water to share the details of their presentation, and their “bullet point plan” of commitments made, with him and other residents, and for them to communicate directly with residents – which they have agreed to.


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