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Southey Bowling Club – licensing & hours decision

by Dundonald Lib Dems on 9 May, 2019

On Tuesday, local residents were successful in defeating an attempt by Southey Bowling Club to extend their opening hours much later than their current “Club certificate”. This certificate regulates the hours for alcohol sales, club opening and the playing of live and recorded music

The Council’s Licensing Panel rejected the Club’s proposals and instead decided the Club should keep to its current hours for the sale of alcohol and playing of music (11pm, and 10.30pm on Sundays – closing up within 30 mins of last orders).

The Panel imposed a number of additional conditions, such as not using the balcony after 9pm, as well as the closing of blinds on the 1st and 2nd floors after 9pm, and a noise-limiter on music.

Along with a number of local residents, Lib Dem Councillors Simon McGrath and Anthony Fairclough also spoke in front of the Licensing Panel against the Club’s proposals.

Cllr Fairclough said: “The Licensing Panel clearly recognised the strength of feeling in the local community – both in the number of representations, and in the speeches and questions from local residents”.

Cllr McGrath added: “Only a few months ago the Bowling Club received planning permission based on the Club operating until 11pm at night – they presented no good reasons why they should be allowed to increase those hours”.

The Club must not operate beyond its agreed hours. If it does, please let Environmental Health at the Council ([email protected]) know, with as much detail as you can give. Please copy us in and we will also take it up.

Detail of the decision

A club certificate was granted that replicates as near as possible the existing licensing arrangements, by allowing:

Alcohol to be served
– 5-11pm (Mon-Fri)*
– 11-11pm (Sat)
– 12-10:30pm (Sun)

Closing will be within 30 minutes of last orders. (*The 5pm start time looks like a mistake on the application form – the club may attempt to change this to get a start of midday or 11am).

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, President’s Day and Club Day will be until Midnight with New Year’s Eve until 1am.

Live music until 11pm on Fri and Sat only; recorded music until 11pm (Mon-Fri) and 10.30pm (Sun)

With the following conditions –
– Second floor balcony closes at 9pm
– No drinks outside after 10pm
– Blinds on both first and second floors to be drawn after 9pm
– Doors and windows to remain closed after a certain time (may be 9pm)
– Smokers limited to 6 people outside at any given time – and restricted after a certain time
– Signage to be provided to tell people to leave quietly and a Dispersal Policy agreed
– Noise-limiter to be put in place for music in accordance with Environmental Health
– Two club officers to be present during functions
– Phone numbers to be provided to residents to speak to the Club officers directly should any of these be breached

It was also made clear that the club house should only be used by club members and their guests.

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