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Bushey Road speed limit confusion

by Dundonald Lib Dems on 10 April, 2021

In the last 12 months, Merton Council twice reduced the speed limit on some parts of Bushey Road, especially along the bottom of the Aspostles Roads.

This led to a certain amount of confusion as they didn’t get the speed limit signs replaced.

In January, we spoke with the Highways Team who said:

I can confirm that the speed limit on Bushey Road from the [A3] bridge to Grand Drive is 30mph and from Grand Drive eastwards, it is 20mph.
Arrangements have been made to erect additional sgns and for the 40mph sign to be replaced with a 30mph sign

However, the signage has not been replaced. The old speed limits are still displayed.

This confusion was further confounded when 20mph limit signs were added to the Bushey Road junction with Grand Drive heading east towards South Wimbledon, but the 40mph signs are still present along the stretch of the road at the bottom of the Apostles. This led to much unhelpful speculation on Nextdoor.com.

In early April we raised the situation, who once again promised us action “asap” but nothing has happened yet. We continue to chase them!

Update: given there’s been no action from the Council on this, on 25 April we escalated this to the Labour councillor in charge of highways. As of 1 May, we’ve not even had an acknowledgement from him that he will look into it. This is beginning to look like complacency.

Update II: after a couple more false starts (including being told it had been resolved when it hadn’t), the Council ensured their contractor resolved all ‘anomalies’ with speed limit signs on 18 May.

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