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Raynes ‘Parklet’!

by Dundonald Lib Dems on 6 July, 2021

A ‘Parklet’ is a small part of the pavement or a grass verge where extra facilities like seating, trees, plants, cycle racks or lighting are installed to make the space easier to use.

Merton Council is creating some parklets to help support local high streets. They’ve started with some directly linked to specific businesses that have street trading licences. However, they’re now pulling together some ideas for one on the South side of the Skew Arch on Kingston Road in Raynes Park. This was suggested by several local groups, and backed by a brainstorming session for councillors on the future of the high street in Raynes Park.

Ultimately, they’ll be putting some seating and planters in, and eventually possibly space for a street trader.

There’s some more detail and examples here: https://www.meristemdesign.co.uk/parklets

Please let us know what you think [email protected]

Matthew Willis from the Raynes Park Focus Team at the site of the proposed parklet.

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  1. Frances Appleby says:

    Parklet installation in Combe Lane outside Thyme and Lime is replacing parking bays. Won’t this affect shoppers and hence shopkeepers?

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