Dundonald Liberal Democrats

Cllr Anthony Fairclough, Cllr Simon McGrath & John Tippett-Cooper: Working hard for Wimbledon, Raynes Park & Wimbledon Chase. Learn more

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About the team

The local Focus team is headed by Giles Bailey, Anthony Fairclough, Simon McGrath & John Tippett-Cooper.

In summing up what we’re about, we couldn’t put it better than education reformer and suffragist Millicent Garrett Fawcett, who wrote:

“I am a Liberal, because liberalism seems to me to mean faith in the people, and confidence that they will manage their own affairs far better than those affairs are likely to be managed for them by others.” Why I Am a Liberal (1885).

The local Liberal Democrats work for common-sense action that makes a real difference by protecting and supporting future generations and ensures decision-making is as transparent as possible.