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Wimbledon Police Station – update

by Dundonald Lib Dems on 5 April, 2018

Commenting on the court case to save Wimbledon Police Station, Paul Kohler said: “Matters are moving forward quite rapidly although the High Court are not proposing to hold the judicial review hearing until the local elections are behind us and the political makeup of Merton Council is decided. “We are due to agree a date […]

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Plans to close Wimbledon police station

by Dundonald Lib Dems on 15 July, 2017

London Mayor – Labour’s Sadiq Khan – has announced plans to close half the police stations in London – including Wimbledon’s. The station promotes visible community policing and makes reporting crime easier. Merton Liberal Democrats’ reaction is here, and you can sign our petition www.SaveWimbledonPoliceStation.org.uk The official consultation is here. Let the Mayor know what […]

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Save our local police teams

by Dundonald Lib Dems on 9 November, 2015

The Metropolitan Police is considering scrapping all 1000 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) working in neighbourhoods across the Capital. Quite simply this could spell the end of meaningful neighbourhood policing in London. London’s Liberal Democrats value our neighbourhood policing teams and we are committed to fighting to protect them. We’re calling on the Met Police […]

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Restrictions on drinking in public

by Dundonald Lib Dems on 5 June, 2013

Following a consultation in April, Merton Council has given police new discretionary powers to require people to stop drinking and confiscate alcohol (or things they suspect contain alcohol) in public places across the borough. Known as a Designated Public Places Order (DPPO), Merton previously had a number of such orders across town centre areas, but […]

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People always tell us how safe they feel in Wimbledon – and so we weren’t really surprised when they said it when we were going door-to-door with our recent 60 Second Survey. That said, there were a few areas of concern – and one of them was how dark it was on the alley between […]

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Boris and dodgy stats on bus crime

by Dundonald Lib Dems on 4 June, 2011

Residents across Dundonald ward have just received a copy of Boris’ propaganda sheet the Merton Record – it claims, amongst other things that “Merton’s buses [are] amongst the safetst in Europe“. This may well be true, and we mustn’t overplay how safe Merton is as a borough compared to some parts of London (unlike say, […]

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Bogus tradesmen in the Apostles

by Dundonald Lib Dems on 30 January, 2011

Information recently received from the local police that “residents in the Apostle[s] Roads have experienced people knocking door to door in regards to a ‘Government Scheme’ involving loft insulation. These males have been seen knocking between the hours of 18:00 and 20:00.”

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A Liberal approach to alcohol and licensing

by Dundonald Lib Dems on 27 January, 2011

A Tory councillor for this area told the Wimbledon Guardian that Wimbledon has been turned into “wild west” after 9pm by licensing laws. He feels all pubs should close at 11pm Sunday-Thursday and midnight Fri-Sat, and that “pubs nearest homes, such as those on Hartfield Road should have earlier closing times”. In 2006, Tory councillors […]

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